Welcome to Help Another Soul.org


Help Another Soul.org is going through a major update right now. Click this link to buy your ink and help the poor.

We are still alive and active. A handful of months ago the website was hacked and everything was erased. If you’re looking for the ability to buy ink and support the homeless, orphan, widow and exploited – click the banner above.

We are not defeated. It’s been a wild ride and taken time to get multiple sites back to where they were. This site should be revived soon enough. Please know that all funds collected and generated will go to the homeless or sex trafficked victims. More to follow. Thank you for your loyalty and patience for over 10 years now and going strong!

For those who aren’t aware. When you buy your ink and toner supplies by clicking the banner above (online) your order is tracked and up to 25% of your order will go to help those a little less fortunate than you or I currently.

You’ll save money, get your needed product AND help the homeless issue in various parts of the country along with those who have been human trafficked at some point. Thank you for playing a part in someone else’s life you’ll probably never meet. God bless you.

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